Advisory to Agencies on Viewing and Validating PhilGEPS Certificate of Platinum Membership

Effective 03 February 2020, all Platinum Membership upgrades and renewals are being processed in the new Modernized Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (MPhilGEPS). The new version of the system now features a facility for government agencies to view and validate the PhilGEPS Certificate of Platinum Membership of merchants.

Currently, migration of PhilGEPS 1.5 registered government agencies and merchants from the old version (PhilGEPS 1.5) to the new MPhilGEPS is still on-going. Thus, government agencies are advised to use this link https://www.philgeps.gov.ph/CmsHomePages/reg_merchants when validating the Certificate of Platinum Membership submitted by merchants. Only migrated merchants that have already logged-in and have gone through the transition process in MPhilGEPS will be available in the said link.

In case the record is not available, please click here to download the list of registered merchants with their registration status.

All existing Certificate of Platinum Membership are valid until expiration date.

Customer Support

Should you have further queries, you may send us an email at agency@ps-philgeps.gov.ph (for government agencies) or supplier@ps-philgeps.gov.ph (for merchants).

You may call our landline number at 02-86406900 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday.