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To support the implementation of the pilot Electronic Procurement System (EPS) in the year 2000, the Procurement Service set up a customer service area and created an EPS Division to assist and answer queries regarding electronic procurement from government agencies and suppliers. The Division was also tasked to conduct training for government agencies and suppliers on how to use the system as well as to perform systems administration activities. In 2003, the EPS division was strengthened from which the PhilGEPS group was formed with an initial staff of 12 personnel. Presently, the PhilGEPS consists of 16 personnel tasked to perform the following functions:

  • Formulate, recommend and implement long and short range plans and strategies relative to the Government Electronic Procurement System (G-EPS) Project;
  • Regularly report to the Government Procurement Policy Board and PS Director the status of the project;
  • Manage the contract/service level agreements with Ayala Systems Technologies, Inc;
  • Conduct regular training of suppliers and agencies on the G-EPS;
  • Administer the G-EPS system including the registration and provision of help desk services to the suppliers and agencies;
  • Develop and maintain the G-EPS business plan;
  • Monitor and evaluate the compliance of agencies and suppliers in the use of G-EPS; and
  • Update and improve the market research and promote the use of the G-EPS for both government and private entities.

Below is the existing organizational chart of the G-EPS:


Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart
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