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Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Reference Number 8646617
Title Supply and delivery of office equipment for PRDP PSO South Luzon staff
Area of Delivery Metro Manila

Solicitation Number: SH-0012-22
Trade Agreement: WB Procurement Guidelines
Procurement Mode: Shopping
Classification: Goods
Category: Office Equipment
Estimated Budget for the Contract: PHP 115,000.00 
Delivery Period:
Client Agency:

Contact Person: Shandy Marfilla Hubilla
2nd Floor ITCAF Building,
Department of Agriculture
Elliptical Road
Quezon City
Metro Manila
Philippines 1100
63-2-9288741 Ext.2570
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Date Published 06/05/2022
Last Updated / Time 16/05/2022 10:25 AM
Closing Date / Time 12/05/2022 12:01 PM

Date: April 12, 2022
Solicitation No. SH-0012-22
Purchase Request No. 2022-019


Please quote your government price/s including delivery charges, VAT or other applicable taxes, and other incidental expenses for the goods listed in Annex A. Also, furnish us with descriptive brochures, catalogues, literatures and/or samples, if applicable.

If you are the exclusive manufacturer, distributor or agent in the Philippines for the goods listed in Annex A please attach in your quotation a duly notarized certification to this effect.

Please accomplish and submit this form together with Annex A to the Office of the PSO South Luzon, ITCAF Building 2nd floor, DA Compound, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City or email at on or before May 12,2022 and 12:00NN. For clarifications, you may contact DA-PRDP Procurement Unit at telephone nos. (02) 928-8741 local 2570.

Supply and Delivery of Office Equipment for PRDP PSO South Luzon

1 unit Floor Mounted Air- Conditioner 115,000.00
4.0 HP floor standing inverter (w/ free complete installation)
Powerful cooling
Touch Display Panel
Auto Shutter
Anti-Corrosion Fin
Long Distance Air-flow
Full HD Filter

Noise level (Indoor Hight/Low 45dBA; Outdoor High/Low51dBA)
Elictic Data Power Source

No supplier submitted of quotation

Created by Shandy Marfilla Hubilla
Date Created 05/05/2022

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