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Reference Number 8168102
Title Supply and Installation of 1 lot Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Software
Area of Delivery Metro Manila

Solicitation Number: 21-11-262
Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations
Procurement Mode: Negotiated Procurement - Small Value Procurement (Sec. 53.9)
Classification: Goods
Category: Information Technology
Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 995,000.00 
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Contact Person: EDEM D. ABONITALLA
Filomena Bldg. III, 104 Amorsolo St.,
Makati City
Metro Manila
Philippines 1229
63-02-8931501 Ext.378
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Date Published 10/11/2021
Last Updated / Time 28/03/2022 13:54 PM
Closing Date / Time 15/12/2021 13:00 PM

Supply and Installation of 1 lot Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Software
CORE Functionalities
1. Perform risk identification by formulating a RISK STATEMENT to create risk items with unique risk ID;
2. Perform risk analysis by assigning SEVERITY SCORES i.e. impact score, likelihood score, and proximity score (optional) and prioritize risks;
3. Perform Risk EVALUATION by prioritizing risks and choosing a Risk Strategy (e.g. avoid, transfer, reduce, accept, pursue, enhance).
4. Perform Risk MITIGATION by creating risk treatment plans (i.e. set deadline, actions, status) and assign tasks to risk treatment owners;
5. Perform RISK RE-ASSESSMENT (i.e. update the risk scores) and determine the RESIDUAL RISK;
6. Assign a RISK OWNER that can review and approve the risk treatment plan and the residual risk;
7. REPORT on risk levels and the status of risk management activities per risk category e.g. top-ranking risks, progress of risk treatment actions;
8. Perform importation of data from spreadsheets and/or applications in order to facilitate the migration to an automated Enterprise-Wide Risk Management System;
9. Perform risk management based on ISO 31000 AND COSO-ERM.
User Functionalities
1. Users can document different types of risks (i.e. risk taxonomies, risk categories) such as operational risks, financial risks, information security risks, project risks, strategic risks, service continuity risks; the risk categories (i.e. labels) are customizable;
2. Users can automatically generate REAL-TIME RISK REPORTS (e.g. charts, graphs);
3. Users can set the RISK ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (i.e. impact, risk likelihood) and risk acceptance criteria;
4. Users can set the RISK APPETITE level, and generate a RISK HEAT MAP; associate each risk to the risk heat map to visually depict which risks are acceptable (i.e. very low, low risks) and not acceptable (i. e. moderate risk, high risk, very high risks) based on the set risk appetite;
5. Users can set KEY RISK INDICATORS (KRIs), and be informed (i.e. alerted) of near- term KRIs;
6. Administrators can customize the screen layout and fields for the data entry.
7. Administrators can do user segregation or team views for different Risk Areas and control access rights for identified fields or reports.
Training and Support
1. Users will be trained on the use of the EWRM system
2. Users can access self-help or learning modules, after the initial training
3. Users can be effectively and immediately assisted when issues or questions related to the use of the EWRM system arise.
4. The vendor must have local and available qualified and experienced personnel who will provide assistance in the installation, implementation, and fine-tuning of the system. They must be located within Metro Manila and dedicated to this project.
Risk Management Capabilities
1. Can be used to identify, assess and evaluate Operational, Security, Continuity, Compliance & Strategic Risks
2. Can be used to identify, assess and evaluate Financial Risks
Optional Capabilities
1. Allow users to set the risk tolerance i.e. the acceptable performance variation where risk remains acceptable.
2. Allow users to generate a risk profile for specific performance objective or target.
3. Allow users to create a risk appetite statement
4. Allow users to know if treatment actions are nearing or past the set deadline.
5. Allow users to access the system securely from a Mobile Application.

Note: Attached latest copy of the following documents:
1. Philgeps Organization Information (PDF or JPEG format)
2. Mayors and Business Permit
3. DTI and Sec Registration
4. Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303)
5. Tax Clearance Certificate

pls. send sealed bids c/o Mr. Nepomuceno SA. Reyes, Jr. or Mr. Edem Abonitalla
at 3/f General Services Division or fax at 8817-6021.
You may also email your Quotations to

Management decision, the project will not pursue.

Date Created 09/11/2021

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