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Title Hiring of Assisting Professional for Community Development of PENRO, Iloilo FMP
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BAC Secretariat
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Iloilo City
Philippines 5000
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Date Published 18/02/2020
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Assisting Professionals on Community Development (APCD)

I. Background

The Department of Environment of Natural Resources (DENR) through the National Forest Development Office (NFDO) implemented the Forestry Sector Project (FSP) Phase 1 in 1993 until the end of 2003 with financial assistance from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The FSP has adopted Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) as a main strategy towards Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).

Recognizing the significant accomplishment of FSP 1, a second phase of the FSP was conceptualized in 2003 to implement participatory sustainable watershed management and improve the economic condition and quality of life of the upland dwellers and downstream communities in three (3) critical river basins- the Upper Magat and Cagayan in Ifugao (CAR), Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino (Region 2), Upper Pampanga in Nueva Ecija (Region 3), and Jalaur in Iloilo (Region 6).

However, the subsequent implementation of FSP 2 was delayed for almost a decade since its conceptualization in 2003 due to policy, institutional and economic changes and setbacks both from the recipient country and the funding agency. Finally, in March 2012 the Government of the Philippines (GOP) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a loan agreement for the ten (10) year implementation of the former FSP 2 now the Forestland Management Project (FMP) within the aforecited river basins. The Project aims to improve forestland management through collaborative and holistic implementation of comprehensive and sustainable forestland management strategies in the three (3) critical river basins. The Project likewise complements the current National Greening Program (NGP) and focuses on Comprehensive Site Development (CSD) which include: 1) Survey, Mapping and Planning (SMP); 2) Community Organizing (CO); 3) Site Development (SD); 4) Agroforestry Support Facilities (ASF); 5) Policy Initiative; 6) Monitoring and Evaluation; 7) Project Management and Supervision (PMS). The Project is expected to integrate conservation and development- oriented activities with full participation and capacitation of local communities and/or 147 Peoples Organizations (POs) within the 24 sub-watershed areas including the DENR and other stakeholders.

The PO’s coordination and collaboration with other stakeholders in the implementation of the Project is being encouraged, hence, the services of Assisting Professionals on Community Development (APCD) are necessary to provide assistance in the said endeavor.

II. Objective of the engagement of Assisting Professional for Community Development

1. To provide technical assistance and facilitate with Field Implementing Units (FIUs) the implementation of capacity-building for POs and PO Federations, and Watershed Management Body/ies.

2. To provide field level support to the IDS in the implementation institutional development/policy initiative sub-component of FMP.

III. Tasks and Responsibilities

General tasks;

1. Provide the overall technical assistance in the implementation of capacity building activities for the partner stakeholders of the Project (POs, PO Federation, and Watershed Management Council).

2. Assist FIUs and IDS in the implementation of activities on Institutional Development/Policy initiatives.

Specific Tasks and Functions

The APCD shall work with the PMS & IDS and observe synergy with other APs in order to deliver the following tasks and responsibilities:

1. Facilitate the implementation of a specific training plan for POCB based on the result of Training Need Assessment (TNA) and administer follow-up coaching to achieve the desired result and training quality and effectiveness on the following areas; a) organizational management strengthening, b) PO internal policies, including benefit sharing scheme (BSS) and internal conflict resolution, c) financial management, d) enterprise development, e) gender and development (GAD), and, f) the application or use of Operations and Effect (O & E) indicators for monitoring and evaluation ( M & E)

2. Design and implement knowledge and skills development and enhancement activities for CDOs and other staff of the Project in facilitating site or PO level capacity building activities.

3. Assist in the development of new or modification and enhancement of existing training modules needed for POCB.

4. Facilitate with FIUs the administration of the Organizational Assessment for POs, and assist IDS on Training Effectiveness Assessment for POs, PO Federation, and Watershed Management Councils.

5. Assist FIU design and organize activities to strengthen POs networks and linkages, e.g., investment forum, summit, etc.

6. Act or recommend resource person during training or capacity building activities.

7. Assist in updating of the socio-economic profiles of POs in support of CRMF formulation.

8. Conduct monthly assessment and provide updates on the progress of the work or technical assistance being provided to FIUs.

9. Coordinate and facilitate the implementation of policy initiative/s on watershed management council strengthening that may include among others, a) the formulation and adoption of Manual Operation (MoO) for Watershed Management Bodies (or PAMB in case of Region 3), b) development of the Strategic plan and policy agenda, c) implementation of training and other capacity building activities, and d) establishment of cost sharing mechanism.

IV. Duration of Assignment, Coordination, and Duty Station

The APCD will be hired on a full-time basis for a period of twelve (12) months and shall report directly to the concerned Provincial Project Management Office (PPMO). He/she shall work closely with the PMS, IDS and EnDev Assisting Professional or Specialist, and report to the FMP CPMO at least twice a year to provide updates on accomplishment relative to the TOR. His/her duty station is at the PPMO.

An assessment of the AP’s performance shall be conducted by the PPMO and to be reviewed by the CPMO, the results of which shall be the basis for renewal and/or continuous engagement of the of the AP in the Project.

The contract may be terminated during its effectivity on the ground of willful misconduct and failure to perform the tasks and responsibilities indicated in the Terms of Reference.

V. Deliverables

1. Inception Report. Based on initial assessment of the status of implementation, an inception report will be prepared within the first month of the engagement that includes the outline of work/activities and methodology that are responsive to the gaps identified in the assessment, deliverables, and the schedule of deliverables.
2. Progress Report: A monthly performance-based progress report shall be submitted to the FMP PPMO and CPMO through channels that may include the following;
• An assessment of the engagement and the progress of the tasks, roles, and responsibilities implemented as defined and elaborated in the Inception Report.
• Manual of Operation for the Watershed Management Council developed/updated
• Policy agenda/strategic plan for the Council/s
• Highlight of POCB activities implemented and the strategies employed to achieved quality and effectiveness
• Progress of cost-sharing mechanism
• Summary of Organizational Assessment and training effectiveness assessment
• Modules that were developed or updated
• Updated socio-economic data of PO, including yield and revenue from agroforestry

3. Final Report. This includes the consolidation of the accomplishments vis-à-vis the roles and responsibilities, and the contributions made to the attainment of the goals and objectives of the Project, specifically on operations and effect indicators (O & E).

The said report should be submitted and presented to the PPMO within the prescribed period or as scheduled in the Inception Report and the quality thereof should be acceptable to the PPMO.

VI. Cost Requirement

The AP for Community Development shall receive a fixed maximum total professional fee of SEVENTY THOUSAND PESOS (PHP 70,000.00) per month inclusive of all out-of-pocket expenses subject to mandatory withholding tax and existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

VII. Degree of Expertise, Qualification and Competencies

a) Preferably a Master’s degree holder in community development, social work, sociology or related fields;

b) At least three (3) years of work experience to community organizing, Community-based Natural Resources management and relevant fields;

c) Good understanding of multi-stakeholders networking and linkaging and community-based management approaches in forest management;

d) Knowledgeable on community and institutional development, organizational management and sustainable project management;

e) Experience in working with Peoples Organizations and other watershed stakeholders;
f) With good communication skills, verbal and written;

g) With strong facilitation skills;

h) Excellent time management skills with an ability to deliver acceptable quality outputs; and

i) Physically fit to undertake actual field visits to Project sites.

Local consultants are preferred

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